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Badgers Honey Spoon / Matcha Green Honey Tea

Badgers Honey Spoon / Matcha Green Honey Tea

SKU: 6959504733861

The mixture of honey and Matcha Green Tea is a match made in heaven. The natural orange and passion fruit flavor will make you feel like you are sitting on a beach in the middle of a tropical forest. What is Matcha? Matcha is powdered green tea grown in the shade, which allows the tea plants to grow more slowly and produce more chlorophyll and amino acids. This extra processing gives Matcha its rich flavor and vivid green color. Our honey is blended with Matcha to create a unique and delicious all-in-one tea mix that is a unique taste that you simply cannot find anywhere else! Add one spoon full out of the jar to 8oz of hot water, stir and enjoy. -- Brought to by the Honey Badgers the innovators of everything honey.Simply add a Badger's Honey Spoon to 8 oz of hot water, stir and enjoy the delicious aroma that fills your kitchen. This is perfect for a relaxing morning or an afternoon pick-me-up Portable shelf stable Badgers Honey Spoon "Patent Pending" 63/352,285 can be taken on the go.

  • Ingredients

    Raw Honey

    Matcha Green Tea

    Passion fruit and Orange flavoring 

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