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Apple Pie Moonshine Honey

Apple Pie Moonshine Honey

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Bootleg-inspired honey in a 100ml glass flask - An amazing combination of the sweet taste of raw honey with the taste of apple pie and a kick of moonshine! this apple pie moonshine is going to be the star of your dinner. With a delicious apple pie flavor, this honey is so delicious it can be used on toast, in hot drinks, and in baking. The Apple Pie Moonshine Honey is made using the finest natural products and has been carefully crafted to create an incredible blend of honey and apple pie flavor. All of our honey can be used instead of simple syrups to make mixed drinks with a naturally delicious alternative. 


    Nothing can stop a honey badger !!

    We are the innovators in all things honey not just raw honey, we offer 5 pepper and Garlic smoked honey locally-grown all-natural ingredients. Hooch-inspired honey, we invented it - Apple Pie Moonshine Honey, Lemon Drop Moonshine Honey, Old Fashioned Smoked Bourbon Honey, Fireball Moonshine. Gotta sweet tooth our Mandarin Orange that tastes like an orange creamsicle. Vanilla Honey is made with real Tahitian vanilla beans. All of them are designed to make your dinner delicious or add to your favorite dessert.

  • Disclaimer

    Contains a small amount of alcohol. (.005%)

  • Ingredients

    Raw Honey

    Apple spice mix

    Apple flavored alcohol

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