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Hibiscus & Rose Honey

Hibiscus & Rose Honey

A rich, floral treat, this delicious raw honey is the perfect accompaniment for your breakfast. Or, stir it into hot tea for a tasty beverage with gorgeous color. This is a delicious, artisanal honey with a unique taste and exciting texture. It is the perfect addition to a toast, or by the spoonful, straight from the jar! Raw honey is a healthier alternative to refined and processed honey. Our raw honey is collected from the wildflowers that grow on the land around us. This honey is then blended with rose petals and hibiscus flowers for a floral, fruity, and floral taste. The flavors are intensified when enjoyed on toast or a warm scone, but this honey is also great for baking and cooking.

  • Ingredients

    Raw Honey 

    Rose nibs

    Hibiscus Flowers 

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