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Honey Badger Spoon / Cowboy Coffee

Honey Badger Spoon / Cowboy Coffee

SKU: 1336238985861

New from the Honey Badgers - Cowboy Coffee is real coffee and our raw honey thats is it pure and simple -Its - all-in-one. Add one Beadgers Honey spoon into 8oz of hot water for a perfect cup of coffee. Great for camping or taking on vacation all you need is hot water. Don't forget our overseas Military men and women would love this in a care package. Made just like they did in the old west before coffee makers and filters, enjoy coffee in its pure form and eat the beans too. Just like our teas indigestion the beans and leaves add nutrition to your diet and many health benefits. All of our honey products are shelf-stable and have a 20-year + shelf life.

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