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Raw Honey 1/2 lb Wild flower Honey

Raw Honey 1/2 lb Wild flower Honey

SKU: 364215375135191

We are your local beekeepers our bees make delicious local honey from the surrounding areas around Brooksville and florida. We offer raw honey right out of the hive. Each honey flavor is seasonal and available till we run out and will not be available again till the following year's harvest. Wildflower honey is honey, produced from the nectar, that the bees have gathered from multiple flower sources or varieties. Wildflower honey is typically darker in color. The floral source offers a bolder flavor and tastes richer than lighter shades of honey.


    Smooth tasting and most overall medicinal RAW Organic Wild Flower Honey, is claimed to be highest in LIVE ENZYMES and pollen, rich in antioxidants and aids in digestion the most, as well as rich in Vitamins C & A, boosting the immune system, improving vision, while giving the most energy and detox effects. Rember all honey will crystallize we recommend keeping it at room temperature. You can warm it up with hot water or window in the sun our labels are waterproof the crystals will melt back to a liquid.

  • About us

    We are the innovators in all things honey not just raw honey, we offer 5 pepper and Garlic smoked honey locally-grown all-natural ingredients. Hooch-inspired honey, we invented it - Apple Pie Moonshine Honey, Lemon Drop Moonshine Honey, Old Fashioned Smoked Bourbon Honey, Fireball Moonshine. Gotta sweet tooth our Mandarin Orange that tastes like an orange creamsicle. Vanilla Honey is made with real Tahitian vanilla beans. All of them are designed to make your dinner delicious or add to your favorite dessert. 

  • Ingredients

    Raw Honey

  • Benefits

    Recently, research conducted by scientists around the world have confirmed its natural properties which include antibacterial activity as well anti-inflammatory qualities. Wildflower honey also contains antioxidants capable of protecting cells against free radicals causing damage inside your body!

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